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Splash Attack Splash Attack

Rated 4 / 5 stars

hahaha, magikarp is so worthless

Wow, this was great. It was nice how you got the music from the games and it went in perfectly. It was pretty funny, and real original. good job.

Wacked - Klondike Wacked - Klondike

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Wanna Be

It wasnt funny, it tried to be but wasnt. Pretty bad graphics too. Hey the sound was good though, if you made a flash with some decent grgaphics and a little more humor with that good of sound quality I bet it would be pretty good.


The Tigger Song The Tigger Song

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Stupid but entertaining

It was pointless, and even the ending was that funny but the audience will keep watching it knowing that something is going to happen to tigger. Still, it wasnt that good lol, decent graphics. But ya.


Ghetto Cartman Ghetto Cartman

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

what the FUCK was that?

That sucked. It really did. The sound quality was horrible, Cartman was a chinese eyed son of a bitch and you could hardly even hear what he was saying. A South Park sound board: Never seen one of those before! I cant really think of something constructive to say besides practice and get better.


When you Grow Up...? When you Grow Up...?

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Could be better

Well, see, thats why noone likes snoop or listens to the shit he makes. Anyway, decent movie. The people were all umm lumpy lol but for the most part were drawn pretty well. I like the fact that for once theres a "random" flash original. I guess this could be funny to some other people but it really wasnt for me. At the end I was left thinking "Umm ok? Why would you make a flash like this?"


Fightfor your future. Fightfor your future.

Rated 1 / 5 stars

Forgive me for being "Unsympathetic"

I am just confused here. The world trade center attack was terrible, and teh people who did it were terrible. But, lets face it: 200 people died. 200. More people die in car accidents than that in a week, but yet the US government hasnt put the fucking money into funds neccisarry to prevent these kind of things. We are so oblivious to so many things, and we were all so worried that another terrorist attack would occur and that we were at risk. So, the us took action against iraq because everyone was so spooked about another attack. We have spent so much money, money that could have gone to charities for orphaniges, cancer, heart disease, alzhiemers, diabetes, safer roads, less polution. but no, we spent the billions in a hopeless atempt to capture a terrorist. Next thing you know we are in iraq, for oil. Our government, in an exscuse to hide the fact that we were willing to sacrafice our troops and kill Iraqi citizens, told us that Iraq was holding nucleur weapons, and that they had proof of this. thousands of our troops have been killed overseas, thousands of irawi citizens, in an attempt to prevent 200 more people dieing. Can you not see the irony? The news tries to block it out, they will have an hour long story of a kidnapping, but a brief note about the 20 soldiers who were killed in a carbombing today.

My overall message is that even though the trade center attack was terrible, it wasnt all that bad when you look at all the other things going around in the world. Bush has got his head so far up his ass that he is to busy killing his own people in iraq to look around and see that our country was just hit by hte worst natural disaster in its history! Did bush think that he was going to trick us into thinking that things were better when he said he would reccomend new orleans as one of the places to go this spring break? Things are not better, they are the same as they were the day after katrina hit, just no water. Homeless little boys and girls but hey, this doesnt suprise me, after all, the person "taking care of this disaster" is the same fucking retard who sat around in a kindergarden class reading about a black goat and wondering "what the fuck do I do?"

We are throwing money in a botomless pit in iraq, but bush doesnt seem to realize that, he thinks that we are still "being welcomed as liberators" LOL. What was his plan, come into a country that hates us and say "Hey, were gonna change your government"? Who wouldnt be pissed?

We could be using our money on more beneficial causes.

Freedom isnt free, but neither is a war.
- Lilgoose, (Enraged Liberal) lol

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Skate R0x! Skate R0x!

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars


Didnt deserve to get passed judgement but not that terrible. The music was probably the best part, It wasnt that good but it went along nicely with the flash. There are already to many skating videos on newgrounds so I cant score it high on style. The graphics werent that bad but there were to many loops and really there were only like two tricks.

Your a begginner, (I think(, but my best tip is to be more original :D,

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Star Falco Star Falco

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Gotta Love it

StarFox 64 is really the only video gmae I play anymore. I love this flash. Great graphics and absolutely hilarious. I really love the avril lavigne with fox hahah that was great. Slippy wasnt acted correctly. His voice is really squeky but his personality was done right. Hahah I still love it peppy ahahahah that was also great. The pokemon thing was kinda funny but you should just go along with them in space thing like you should make a series with every level. Seriously though starfox is all I realy play in the video game world. I dont play alot but when I do its Starfox and Supersmashbrothers those are like my favorite games. I really need to get the gamecube one back!!!

Loved the flash,

"Target Practice" "Target Practice"

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


This is a very famous flash, which is usually rated a 10 or 0, because most people have a strong opinion on this. First, I will review the flash like the whole incident never happened:

The graphics were decent, but I believe it would be better with color added. This flash really wasnt funny, not at all because I belive violence is wrong. The gunshots was the only real sound but it sounded realistic.

Ok, now the review after the incident:
The flash is very ironic, but we had no way of knowing that this was the boys real plan. There are plenty of flashes like this on newgrounds, most of them just flashes with lots of shooting in them, so there is no way of seperating the serious from the just stupid violence ones. People are reporting his reviews as abusive like hes some kind of hearless killer. Think about this for a second though: People drove this kid to do this. Harassment at school was the reason this happened. Society gave him this idea. So next time when there is some depressed kid who is obsessed with violence, dont make fun of him like everyone else, choose the road not taken. People might think wierd of you, your popularity status might go down, but you are making a sad kid happy, you will prevent him from doing "it" and if its to late, you wont be one of the people in danger.

Aas well as you can be mad at him, you must also feel pain for him too

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[OLD] Chaotic [OLD] Chaotic

Rated 2 / 5 stars


Sorry to be negative but I didnt lke it a bit. Honestly, its one of those flashes that just have squiggles with really no artistic value. And, I swear to god, I knew it was going to be a boring movie from the title, when the title is "Frenzy" Crazy" "Chaotic" you know it is going to be a squiggle flash like this. Shame on you people who voted to keep this in. Newgrounds wont accept flashes with good drawing but not animated well, and it will take good animated, dully artistic flashes like this which show no artistic talent and has absokutely no plot. I hate that. Still it wasnt terrible, just dull and noone will put it in there favorites. Use make a flash with a story or something. Make a series. Just not this, it isnt interesting. Still, not terrible, justs not noteable and it doesnt stick out at all, it is one of those flashes soon to be forgotten and sent to the back of the portal.

You have the flash skills, just head a new direction with them,

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